The Lease with the Parish Hall

As you may have heard by now, when the Parish Hall started to look at the Lease on their side, they discovered that the original 1953 Conveyance for the Parish Hall site did not include a Community Shop in the list of activities for which the land could be used. This means that the Parish Hall now has to formally agree with the Parishioners that a Community Shop can be erected on the land.

The 1953 Conveyance sets out a process by which this can take place through a public meeting and vote and a consultation process, followed by seeking formal approval from the Charities Commission. You may have seen some of the notices beginning to appear around the Parish regarding the Parish Hall meeting for this purpose, which is
taking place at 7pm on Wednesday 26th February.

As frustrating as it is for there to be further delays in being able to make progress with the Shop, we do respect that everything needs to be done properly, not least when it comes to setting up the legal basis for the Shop and its location, and we are keen to work with the Parish Hall to support this process.

Ultimately, it is up to the Parish Residents to decide whether they wish to agree to the use of the Parish Hall land for the Community Shop, and this needs to be formally established before progressing any further. There are now more than 130 Members of the Community Shop CBS and, with the large sum of money raised so far, this already shows significant local support for the Shop. With this in mind, it is really important that as many Members as possible attend the Parish Hall meeting and ensure that this positive support is demonstrated.

7pm on Wednesday 26th February, St Dominick Parish Hall.