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In addition to sourcing local food with lower food miles, community shops save rural residents car journeys to alternative food stores, saving on average an 8 mile round trip. Community shops collectively are estimated to save 4 million miles of car journeys a year.
The Plunkett Foundation (plunkett.co.uk)

St Dominick Community Shop actively supports a number of local traders:
Blakes Bakery. Trewithen Dairy. Paul Atkins Fishmongers. The Cornish Sourdough Company. Whistlefish Cards. Langage Farm.

Thanks to The Norman Family Trust grant award, our new benches have arrived at their home outside the Community Shop. Ready for you all to rest, have a chat with friends and enjoy some sunshine. Llloyd, Sarah and Dave are trying them out for size – cushions and ice cream required for the spring/summer and perhaps blankets and cake for the autumn/winter

A big thank you to the organisations who gave us support during the set-up phase of the community shop.

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FAIRTRADE continues at the Community Shop.

Buying Fairtrade is easy. There are over 6,000 Fairtrade products from coffee and tea to flowers and gold, so when you shop, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Remember – you can support St Dominick Community Shop by purchasing shares.

St Dominick Community Shop is pleased to announce … WE ARE OPEN!

Opening Hours

Sensible Covid restrictions will apply in and around the Community Shop – so please remember to wear a face-mask, use the sanitiser and keep your distance!

Please do come along soon to have a look, say hi to the Shop Volunteers, and of course come in and buy something! If it looks busy, then please be patient and simply wait your turn.


Much work has been done by so many, we would not have got this far without the generosity of the people who live here.

Please have a look in the gallery, photographs to see a record of our journey.

We would also like to acknowledge all the organisations that have supported us with advice and financial support. They are St Mabyn Community Shop, St Dominick Parish Council, The Plunkett Foundation, Cornwall Community Foundation, Cornwall Council Community Chest, The Co-operative Bank and the Who’d Have Thought It Inn.

We are set up as a Community Benefit Society so once we are established and begin to make a surplus we will be supporting projects and ideas that benefit the whole village. When people spend their money in the shop they will be investing in the future of the village. So please support St Dominick Community Shop by subscribing for shares of £10 each.

We hope to see you shopping with us soon …

Latest News

New – Hot Pasties

A reminder that orders for a delicious hot pasty on Saturday close at 10.00am. We will have extra in the pasty warmer but to make absolutely sure there is one reserved for you pop in first thing or give the Shop a call. Choose from steak or cheese & onion both priced at £3.75 each.

Customer Survey

A reminder that our survey is still running until next Thursday 29th so don’t forget to give us your thoughts & ideas about what else you might like to see in the Shop. You can jot down your ideas on the survey slip available in the Shop.


Christmas 2020


Telegraph Pole

Fitting Out

Stocking the Shop

We Are Open

New Shop Sign

Jumble Ramble
Internal Work
Internal Work

Ground Work

Cabin Arrival

Cabin Preparation



The Cornish Arms pub next to the Church was demolished in 1902 and rebuilt as a Village Stores / Post Office.

On 31 March 2019, the present owners of the Village Stores (PL12 6TD) wrote to the Clerk of St Dominic Parish Council to inform her they intended to close the St Dominic Post Office and Village Stores in the near future. Their letter includes the following: “Post Office Ltd require three months notice of resignation but, before we submit, we feel it only right the Parish Council has the opportunity to consider alternative provision, most likely by way of a community shop”.  The Post Office Ltd has subsequently informed customers the St Dominic branch “will be closing temporarily on Wednesday 09 October 2019”.

Village Debate. Two Public meetings were held in the Parish Hall on 1st and 16th May 2019, which were well attended. During these meetings, a lot of positive support was expressed around the idea of setting up and running a Community Shop within the Village. A Steering Group was formed to explore available options.

Parish Questionnaire. A questionnaire was developed and delivered to every household with the Parish Newsletter in June 2019 to ascertain whether or not a St Dominic Community Shop would be supported by the resident population. There was an overwhelming response to site it in the vicinity of the Parish Hall.

A Steering Group was formed and has held monthly meetings since the end of May 2019.  A Constitution has been established and contact made with The Plunkett Foundation.  A local adviser has attended the Steering Group meetings and is available for local support and guidance.

The Steering Group decided to operate as a Community Benefit Society (CBS).  St Dominick Community Shop Limited (registration number 8227) is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.  This ‘model’ allows anyone to use the shop and every time money is so spent, customers are contributing to building a surplus that can, in due course, be spent on Village needs and for the greater benefit of all within the Village.  It is understood a CBS is a way of creating a Community Asset and a source of future finances for the benefit of the Community and that where villages have closed an existing commercial shop, the transition to a CBS Community-run shop has proven a positive ‘community investment’

It is intended that such an Asset that will become an important part of life within the St Dominic Village Community.