THANK YOU – Promises Auction and Parish Hall Meeting

It has been a little while since we have shared any update, and this has been because we have been busy with lots of things relating to progressing with the Shop.

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who turned out for the Parish Hall Meeting on 26 February. The vote on the evening gave a clear message about the level of support from the Parish Residents to give consent to the Community Shop building on the Parish Hall site. This is a requirement for the lease negotiations and we are continuing to progress with these, along with the plans for the build of the Shop. We will continue to keep everyone updated on this.

And our second big THANK YOU is to the Who’d Have Thought It and everyone involved in the Promises Auction on 29 February. As you are probably aware, over £2000 was raised and half of this money is being given to the Community Shop , with the other half going to the School. This is wonderful news and will be a considerable contribution to our fundraising.

Finally, a reminder for Shareholders – please return your GDPR forms, these will mean that we can keep in contact with you about Shareholder matters relating to the development of the Community Shop.