Recycling For Charity

We have been contacted by Alison Humphreys of South Hill Charity Recycling – a local charity who offers a collection service for household items that are not taken away by the kerbside recycling services:

***IMPORTANT UPDATE – Due the National Lockdown this will be postponed temporarily. As soon as a new date can be arranged we will let everyone know. Thank You. ***

Alison and her trusty trailer with different recycling bins will be visiting the Community Shop on Friday 8 January from 2:15pm to 3pm. Please collect together any clean and suitable recyclable items from the list shown here and bring these along. Social Distancing measures will, of course, apply.

More details what can be recycled are available at the Shop and Alison will also be on hand on Friday afternoon to answer any questions. If there is sufficient interest and a positive response, we will arrange for Alison to visit again in a couple of months.