Post Office Consultation


Whilst the service has already been relocated, Post Office Ltd would still like your views on access and opening hours at the new location. Therefore, Post Office Ltd are now commencing a local public consultation and before we finalise their plans, they would like to hear your views, particularly around the following questions:

Are the new premises easy for you to get into and is the inside easily accessible?
Are there any other local community issues which you believe could be affected by the change?
Is there anything they could do to make it easier for customers?

For further informationor to share your views, please visit the Consultation Hub via the link below, then use the search function to find the consultation for this service, either by service name, postcode or the unique servicecode 008471.

Recycling For Charity

We have been contacted by Alison Humphreys of South Hill Charity Recycling – a local charity who offers a collection service for household items that are not taken away by the kerbside recycling services:

***IMPORTANT UPDATE – Due the National Lockdown this will be postponed temporarily. As soon as a new date can be arranged we will let everyone know. Thank You. ***

Alison and her trusty trailer with different recycling bins will be visiting the Community Shop on Friday 8 January from 2:15pm to 3pm. Please collect together any clean and suitable recyclable items from the list shown here and bring these along. Social Distancing measures will, of course, apply.

More details what can be recycled are available at the Shop and Alison will also be on hand on Friday afternoon to answer any questions. If there is sufficient interest and a positive response, we will arrange for Alison to visit again in a couple of months.

We Are Open

Due to the current restrictions, we are not planning a specific launch event over this weekend. The Community Shop has quietly and simply ‘Opened’ this morning at 8:15am.

Sensible Covid restrictions will apply in and around the Community Shop – so please remember to wear a face-mask, use the sanitiser and keep your distance!

We are hopeful of being able to hold a ‘Community Thank You and Celebration’ event sometime in the early Spring, at a time when we can all get together more freely and easily.

In the meantime, please do come along sometime over the next few days to have a look, say hi to the Shop Volunteers, and of course come in and buy something! If it looks busy, then please be patient and simply wait your turn.

We look forward to seeing you soon at your Community Shop and thank you for your continuing support.

Training for Volunteers

Briefing Sessions started today for the shop Volunteers. The main purpose of these will be to show Volunteers how to use the EPOS till and also to give them some time to familiarise themselves with the shop layout.

Where possible, this will be scheduled on the same day of the week as their normal ‘shift’.
Full Covid restrictions and guidelines will be adhered to at all times.

Stock Arrives

The Shop is undergoing another Transformation this week! Stock has started to arrive and the EPOS till has been successfully installed.

Lots more work to do over the next few days and Everyone involved is working ‘super hard’ and as fast as possible to get everything ready for Opening – and all is on plan for this to be later next week.

Look out for more updates here!

As a reminder, when customers use the Community Shop, every purchase will be contributing towards creating a surplus which, in turn, will be given back to the Community.

Shelving and Fridges

Great progress with the Community Shop during this week.

As our suppliers consider the Shop to be an ‘essential service’ it has been possible to progress with the delivery of the refrigeration equipment and shelving units.

Pete Jonas (and his support team!) has continued with the electrical work, and the plumbing work is due to be completed soon too.

THANK YOU to everyone involved for all your hard work and support….. getting closer to opening every day!