Welcome to St Dominick Community Shop.

The shop is in the early stages of development, so bookmark this page and return here frequently to see how the shop is taking shape.

We will keep you updated with the progress of the steering group, details of the forthcoming public meeting and full details of the share issue, including the prospectus and downloadable application form.

Clearly, some of the photos are not yet of St Dominick Community Shop but essentially are that of St Mabyn Community Shop, upon which we are modelling St Dominick Community Shop.  We would like to express our sincere thanks to the team at St Mabyn for their continued assistance with our project.

The share offer full prospectus and application form are now available
See the Downloads page.

Latest News

Ground Work Has Started

Great News: Work started today on digging the trench for the sewerage pipe and the electricity cable. Huge thanks go to Brian Johns of Dairy Mill for not only providing the mechanical digger but also his time and effort in operating it. See the gallery for more photos.

Community Shop Update – Slowly Coming Out of Lockdown

Our first wishes are of course for everyone’s health and wellbeing, and that our priorities right now are on reducing and preventing the spread of Covid-19 and also on supporting and helping neighbours and friends across our community. Whilst, inevitably, the Community Shop is pausing temporarily with anything involving face to face activities, work is …


Ground Work

Cabin Arrival



The Cornish Arms pub next to the Church was demolished in 1902 and rebuilt as a Village Stores / Post Office.

On 31 March 2019, the present owners of the Village Stores (PL12 6TD) wrote to the Clerk of St Dominic Parish Council to inform her they intended to close the St Dominic Post Office and Village Stores in the near future. Their letter includes the following: “Post Office Ltd require three months notice of resignation but, before we submit, we feel it only right the Parish Council has the opportunity to consider alternative provision, most likely by way of a community shop”.  The Post Office Ltd has subsequently informed customers the St Dominic branch “will be closing temporarily on Wednesday 09 October 2019”.

Village Debate. Two Public meetings were held in the Parish Hall on 1st and 16th May 2019, which were well attended. During these meetings, a lot of positive support was expressed around the idea of setting up and running a Community Shop within the Village. A Steering Group was formed to explore available options.

Parish Questionnaire. A questionnaire was developed and delivered to every household with the Parish Newsletter in June 2019 to ascertain whether or not a St Dominic Community Shop would be supported by the resident population. There was an overwhelming response to site it in the vicinity of the Parish Hall.

A Steering Group was formed and has held monthly meetings since the end of May 2019.  A Constitution has been established and contact made with The Plunkett Foundation.  A local adviser has attended the Steering Group meetings and is available for local support and guidance.

The Steering Group decided to register as a Community Benefit Society (CBS) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  This ‘model’ allows anyone to use the shop and every time money is so spent, customers are contributing to building a surplus that can, in due course, be spent on Village needs and for the greater benefit of all within the Village.  It is understood a CBS is a way of creating a Community Asset and a source of future finances for the benefit of the Community and that where villages have closed an existing commercial shop, the transition to a CBS Community-run shop has proven a positive ‘community investment’.

It is intended that such an Asset that will become an important part of life within the St Dominic Village Community.